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Wild Bird Gallery is my Travel Gallery with both artistic images as well as portraits of birds. The focus is on the identification of species down to sub-species, age, and sex if at all possible.

1807 species & subspecies have been indexed with their scientific names, and the common english names as per the James F. Clements checklist and will be updated with Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology changes. First update in over ten years will be end of 2019 with the August 2019 update..


You can for now only search for the bird using the search box at the top of every page. You can only search using the birds English or Scientific name. An alphabetical list (english only) will be added in Nov-Dec 2019. You can translate from your local language or find the scientific name using Knutas search or simply Google.


I will add my very best images here.


Here I will add information that I make use of when I plan my trips and my own trip reports.

Birders code of ethics is something I strongly believe in. Where ever you go I hope you adhere to these ethical principals.


This is where I share some of my findings on the equipment I recommend using, all so that the ambivalent individual can learn from my experience. I have birded for over 30 years and photographed just as long so some usefull knowledge I hope I can share (even though it might get outdated in a year or two;-)..